1974 AD Live in Granada Theater Dallas


1974 AD- One of Nepal’s all time favorite bands was here to rock Dallas last Friday September 9 , 2016. Having been one of the most prominent bands in the musical scene in Nepal, it was no surprise that the Granada Theater was sold

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Before the headliners of the event 1974 AD came out to electrify the crowd, bands Pfs Leafers, Sathi , Nabin and Saneer, Bikash,Gaurav and Avash Shrestha set the stage well with their opening acts. When 1974 AD finally came on stage and started playing their hits like “Dherai Dherai”, “Parelima”, “Yo Mann Ta Mero Nepali Ho”, the crowd rediscovered their love for the band that once ruled Nepal’s charts. Also among the songs performed were “Sani Ko” and the title track from their recently released album “Hazaar Sapana”.


Formed in Kathmandu in the early 90s, 1974 AD have eight successful albums to their name. However, the band’s lineup may have surprised a few as it has undergone quite a reshuffle with only drummer Sanjay Shrestha, guitarist Manoj Kumar KC and bassist Nirakar Yathkumba remaining from the original members. Additions like Rohit John Chhetri, Prajjwal Mukhiya, Subash Jung Pande and Pratik Baniya make up the new face of the band. “Hazaar Sapana” is the band’s ninth studio album but it’s first with the new line up.

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For the after party, DJ Reet and DJ Sushant were at hand and played some great tracks that definitely made the attendees groove to the music and add to the spectacular entertainment provided earlier by 1974 AD.


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With the combined efforts of Aaha Production, DJ ReetEntertainment, Nepal11, My Elite and Empire, the event was a grand success. However, the support of NST, Dallas Loins , Indreni, BDA, UNCON , NSA at UTA , NRN , Momo Ent, DT, K garira ?, and F1 group was also integral in bringing the event to life. The media partners US Khabar, E Nepalese and Texas Nepal did a splendid job covering the event.

Pictures Credit :- Aaha Production , Lucent Films 

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